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Paper of Pakistan Studies PMS Exams 2016


NOTE: Attempt FIVE Questions in All. Including Question No. 8 Which is Compulsory. Attempt in Urdu or English.

Q NO.1: Allama Iqbal’s Presidential Address 1930 at Allahabad paved the way for creation of Pakistan. Discuss. (20 Marks)

Q NO.2: Lucknow Pact 1916 is considered th culmination of Hindu-Muslim Unity? What circumstances led to this historic pact? (20 Marks)

Q NO.3: Give a brief account of constitutional and political developments in Pakistan from 1947 to 1956.
(20 Marks)

Q NO.4: Discuss Pakistan-China relations, highlighting the economic and strategic importance of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). (20 Marks)

Q NO.5:”The initial years of Pakistan were very crucial for its existence.” Discuss. (20 Marks)

Q NO.6: “Separation of East Pakistan, though a tragic part of History of Pakistan, was not the negation Two-Nations Theory.” Discuss. (20 Marks)

Q NO.7:Write Short Notes on any TWO of the following: (10 + 10 Marks)

b) Kashmir Dispute
c) Pakistan’s Role in the United Nations

Q NO.7: Fill in the blanks:- 2*10=(20 Marks)

(i) Partition of Bengal took place in the year_________ and it was proposed by__________.
(ii) The Muslim League won_________Muslim seats in the Central Assembly and___________Muslim Seats in the Provincial Assemblies in the elections of 1945-46.
(iii) At the time of the creation of Pakistan there was a cash balance of Rs.billions and Pakistan was to get Rs.________millions. (iv) The first Prime Minister of Pakistan was _________and the first President __..
(v) Zakat and Ushr Ordinance was promulgated on________by_________.
(vi) Zohb and Nari-Bolan are the important_______ of __Province. (vii) RCD was established in the year_ and it is re-named as______.
(viii) Under the 1973 Constitution, the first Chairman of the Senate was____ and Speaker National Assembly was_________.
(ix) Pakistan’s first Women University was established at_________in the year_________.
(x) Pakistan’s first Public Airline was________ and the Private Airline was_______.