Pakistan Studies and Indian History MCQs

Pakistan Studies and Indian History MCQs

Questions and answers about Pakistan Studies and Indian History.
These questions and answers are equally important for All Competitive Exams. Most of the times these question have been appeared in various competitive exams.

Bold Options Are Correct Answers

1. Syed Ahmad Shaheed Fought his last battle against Sikhs at

a. Lahore b. Peshawar c. Balakot d. None of these

2. The real name of Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mu1k
a. Syed Mehdi Ali b. Shaikh Sirhindi c. Shah wali ullah d. None of these

3. The real name of Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk
a. Molana Shibli b. Molana Hasrat c. Molvi Mushtaq d. None of these

4. Muhammad Tughluq ruled in India during the period
a 1206-90 b 1290-1320 c. 1320-1412 d. None of these

5. “The Arab conquest of Sind was temporary event without any permanent effect”. Commented by:
(a) Lanae Poole’ (b) V.A. Smith (c) Arun Bhattacharjee (d) None Of these.

6 Qutb-ud-Din was conferred the title of the ‘Sultan of Delhi’ by: ‘
(a) Muhammad Ghori (b) Sultan Mahmud c. Ghiyas-ud-Din Mahmud (d) ‘None of these.

7 Shah Jehan died in:
(a) 1657 (b) 1658 (c) 1666 (d) None of these.

8 The lovely Moti Masjid is located at:
(a) Agra (b) Delhi (c) Fatehpur Sekri (d) None of these.

9 Babar adopted the title of Padshah in:
(a) 1504 (b) 1506 (c) 1507 (d) ‘None of these.

10 Humayun ascended the throne in 1530 at the age of:
(a) 20 (b) 21 (c) 22 (d) None of these.

11 Sher Shah ‘Proclaimed Sultan in:
(a) 1539 (b) 1540 (c) 1541 (d) None of these.

12 Indian Mathematics was translated into Arabic by:
(a) Hajjaj (b) Farazi (c) Khuwarizmi (d) None of these

13 Balban ruled as Sultan for ____ years:
(a) 11 (b) 15 (c) 21 (d) None of these

14 The Second Battle of Panipat was fought in the year:
(a) 1526 (b) 1556 (c) 1627 (d) None of these

15 The author of Safinat-ul-Auliya was:
(a) Shaikh Mubarik (b) Ghani Kashmiri (c) Dara Shikoh (d) None of these

16 Lahore Fort was built by:
(a) Babur (b) Sher Shah (c) Aurangzeb (d) None of these

17 Aurangzeb died in the year
(a) 1697 (b) 1707 (c) 1817 (d) None of these

18 After the advent of the Muslims in South Asia, new Art which emerged is known as
a Islamic Art b Gandhara Art c Indo-Islamic Art d None of these

19 Tuzke-I-Babri was first written in _ _ _ _ :
a Turki b Persian c Arabic d None of these

20 Babur’s reign was from 1526 AD to _ _ _ _ _ AD
a 1530 b 1532 c 1534 d None of these

21. The battle between Nadir Shah and Muhammad Shah was fought in 1739 AD at
a Delhi b Sirhind c Karnal d None of these

22. The 3rd battle of Panipat was fought in _ _ _ _ :
a 1760 b 1861 c 1762 d None of these

28. Haren Minar was built by _ _ _ _
a. Akbar b Jahangir c Noor Jehan d None of these

29. The tomb of Qutb-ud-Aibak is in _ _ _ _
a. Lahore b Delhi c Agra d None of these

30. The fifth Peshwa Guru Arjan Singh was executed by the Mughal Emperor _ _ _
a. Akbar b Jahangir c Alamgir d None of these

31. Sir Syed went to England alongwith his son named _ _ _ _
a Syed Masud b Syed Mahmud c Syed Muhammad d None of these

33.Original name of the Sher Shah was:
(a) Sher Khan (b) Hasan Khan (c) Farid Khan (d) None of these

34.Sir Syed Ahmad Khan retired from service in:
(a) 1875 (b) 1876 (c) 1877 (d) None of these

35 The Fraizi Movement was founded by:
(a) Dadhu Main (b)Shah Wali Ullah (c)Haji Shariat Ullah (d) None of these

36. The first Anglo-Sikh war started in:
(a) 1845 (b) 1846 (c) 1849 (d) None of these

37. Sir syed ahmed khan advocated the inclusion of Indians in Legislative Council in his famous book, Causes of the Indian Revolt, as early as
a) 1850 b) 1860 c) 1870 d) non of these

38. Who repeatedly refers to Sir Syed as Father of Muslim India and Father of Modern Muslim India
a) Hali b) Abdul Qadir c)Ch. Khaliquz Zaman d) non of these

39. Military strength of East India Company and the Financial Support of Jaggat Seth of Murshidabad gave birth to events at
a) Plassey b) Panipat c) Dehli d) non of these

40. The renowned author of the Spirit of Islam and History of the Saracens was
a) Shiblee b) Nawab Mohsin c) non of these
41. Tarikh-c-Farisha was written by:
(a) Noorullah (b) Mohammad Qasim (c) Minhaj Siraj

42. How many Times Mahmud invaded India:
(a) Ten (b) Thirteen (c) Seventeen

43. Sultan Aram Shah belonged to:
(a) Khilji dynasty (b) Tughluq Dynasty (c) None of these

44. -Abu Rehan Alberuni was:
(a) painter (b)poet (c) none of these

45. -Ibn-e-Batutah by birth was a:
(a) Turk (b)Afghan (c)None of these

46. Nizamuddin Auliya flourished during the reign of:
(a) Alauddin Khilji (b) Humayun (c) Akbar

47. -Guru Nanak lived during the reign of:
(a) Babur (b) Jehangir (c) None of these

48. ON which aspect of Islam did the great poest philospher Allama Iqbal emphasize in his famous book Reconstruction of Religous Thought in Islam
a) Jihad b) Interest c)Ijtihad

49. Sir Syed foudned MAO College in
a) 1868 b) 1877 c) 1885

50. Who was A.O Hume
a) British foreign minister b) a retired civil officer c) governor general

51. Aligarh College was upgraded to the status of university in
a) 1898 b) 1910 c) 1920

52. From 1858 till 1870 nearly all British Politicians, authors blamed the Muslims for:
a. Disloyalty b. Independence c. Leadership

53. Hazrat Data Gunj Bakhsh Ali Hajvery came to India with
a. M.B.Qasim b. mahmud ghaznavi c. sultan masud of ghazna

54. Qutb ud din Aibak died during the game of
a.wrestling b.polo

55. Second battle of Tarain was fought in
a. 1092 b.1292 c.1192

56. Tipu Sultan is buried at
a) Delhi b) Agra c) Saringapatam

57. The war of Independence of 1857 started from
a) Delhi b) Meerath c) Cawnpore

58. Durand Line, which divides the borders of India and Afghanistan was finalized in the year:
(a) 1686 (b) 1886 (c) 1786

59. 4) Kitab-ul-Hind was written by:
(a) Zia uddin Burni (b)Minhaj Siraj (c) Al-Beruni

60. 13) The 1 st Battle of Panipat was fought in:
(a) 1521 AD (b) 1526 AD (c) 1531 AD

61. Battle of Plassay (1757) was fought between:
(a) The English and the French
(b) The ruler of Bengal and East India Company
(c) Mughal King of Delhi and the English

Q. Aurangzeb Alamgir ascended the throne on:

(a) 1654 AD (b) 1658 AD (c) 1662 AD

62. 1) Shah Wali Ullah was born in:
(a) 1804 (b 1604. (c) 1704

63. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan died in:
(a) 1878 (b) 1898 (c) 1882

64. The Holy Quran was first translated into Persian by:

a. Shah Ismail b. Shaikh Sirhindi c. Shah Waliullah

65. Anjuman-e-Islamia Punjab was founded for the renaissance of Islam in the year:

a. 1849 b. 1859 c. None of these

66. Rulers of Lodhi dynasty were:
a). Turks b). Afghans c). Iranians

67. Coming of Khiljis to power is known as:

a). Khalji revolution b). Khalji Imperialism c). Khalji Coup

68. Indian National Congress was established in :

a). 1875 b). 1885 c). 1877

69. The chain of justice was hanged for the convenience of people for quick justice by

a. Noor Jahan b. Jehangir c. Akbar

70. who was known in history as Mujaddid Alf Thani,the reformer of second millenium?
a. shaikh ahmed sirhindi
b. shah waliullah
c. sir syed ahmed khan

71. who called the”spiritual guide”as shopkeepers?

a. shaikh ahmed sirhindi
b. shah waliullah
c. sir syed ahmed khan

72. Chachnama was originally written in:
a) Persian b) Arabic c) Sindhi

73. First Muslim Expedition sent to India by:
a) Hazrat Umar b) Hazrat Usman c)Hujjaj bin Yousaf

74. The first Mosque in South Asia was built in:
a) Sindh b) Bhopal c) Baluchistan

75. The Khilji Dynasty enjoyed India rule for:
a) 90 years b) 70 years c) 30 years

76. Which dynasty came after Tughlaq dynasty in india ?
a. Khilji b. sayyid c. None of these

77. Doctrine of Lapse was introduced by Lord Dalhousie in the year ?
a. 1850 b. 1843 c. none of these

78. who wrote the book ” causes of the indian revolt”?
a. Allama Iqbal b. shibli numani c. none 0f these

79. British annexed the state of mysoor in the year?
a. 1757 b. 1890 c. 1799

80. Muhammadan educational conference was founded by?
a. Syed Hassan Mehmud b. Javeed Ahmad c. Sir Syed

81. In which year, British government took over reign from East India Company in India ?
a.1831 b. 1737 c. none of these

82. Ahmad Shah Abdali launched his early invasions against:
a) Mughals b) Marhattas c) Sikhs

83 When the thrid battle of Panipat was fought?
a) 1526 b) 1757 c) 1761

84 The British fought Plassey War against:
a) Haider Ali b) Tipu Sultan c) Siraj ud Daula

85. Maharaja Ranjit Sing ruled Punjab for:
a) 60 years b) 50 years c) 40 years

86. Karachi was occupied by the British in:
a) 1820 b) 1839 c) 1843

87. Delhi fell to the British Army in:
a) 1796 b) 1803 c)1857

88. Before 1857 how many universities had been established by the British:
a) 3 b) 1 c) None of these
86. Indian National Congress was established by:
a) An Indian b) A British loyalist c) A retired British official

87. Kabir Das of the Bhakti Movement was:
a) A Preacher b) A Mystic c) A Poet

88. Third Battle of Panipat was fought between:
a) British and the Mughals b) British and Sikhs c)Afghans and the Marhattas

89. Syed Ahmad Shaheed launched his Jihad Movement against:
a) The Christians b) The Sikhs c) The Hindus

90. The Faraidi Movement was lauched in:
a) Bengal b) Hyderabad c) Kashmir