Awareness of Coronavirus and Its Prevention in Pakistan

Awareness of Corona-Virus and Its Prevention in Pakistan
Coronavirus started from China and spreed over the world has now  spreading in  Pakistan. Under developed countries like Pakistan  it is a big challenge to control the spreed of Corona Virus  and medical treatment of the patients.  Government of Pakistan as precautionary measure to control the spreed of Corona Virus has announced vocations in the educational institutions including schools, colleges and universities.  Government is also considering to send the employees on vocations except the  skeleton/ essential staff required to the run the affairs of the country. There are precautionary measure one must adopt in it routine life. These measures can help your safety and prevention from the  Corona-virus.

Precautionary Measure Coronavirus
Corona-virus Remedial measures  Important instructions

Precautionary measure are published by Chughtai lab in Urdu
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